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High Risk Merchant Accounts

Accept All Major Credit Cards -- Apply for a High Risk Merchant Account Today

High risk merchants are defined as business owners who have a high turnover rate, an increased risk of fraud, poor credit history or high charge back rates. High Risk Merchants have a requirement to accept all major credit cards just like traditional merchants. However, High Risk Merchants will pay higher rates and fees. All rates and fees are set by our high risk partner.

Retail, Mobile, eCommerce & Mail Order/Telephone Order Merchants Supported!

As a Merchant FocusĀ® Registered Sales Agent, SaleManager can provide merchants with a NetPay High Risk Merchant Accountshigh risk merchant account. To get started simply complete our high risk merchant account application listed below. Merchant Focus underwriters will review your application and respond within 3-5 business days.

SaleManager/Merchant Focus provides High Risk Merchant Accounts for USA and International Merchants:

Merchant Account High Risk Merchants: Merchant Account Application (We approve merchants in over 100 coountries)

It is hard to find a merchant account provider that will accept high risk merchants. But the good news is SaleManager/Merchant Focus is a high risk merchant account provider who can provide payment processing to merchants worldwide. SaleManager/Merchant Focus can provide a high risk merchant account for the following industries:

  • High Risk Merchant Account Adult Entertainment
  • High Risk Merchant Account Pharmaceutical
  • High Risk Merchant Account Replica Products
  • High Risk Merchant Account Traveling
  • High Risk Merchant Account Online Tobacco / Cigarette
  • High Risk Merchant Account Medical Marihuana
  • High Risk Merchant Account And many more

Our partner provided high risk merchant account solutions are simple and we encourage all high risk merchants to apply. SaleManager/Merchant Focus are able to help merchants secure all kinds of high risk merchant accounts. Apply today!

Got Questions? Give Us a Call
At SaleManager we encourage merchants to give us a call on 800.918.4890. Our knowledgeable customer care representatives will answer all of your payment processing questions with no obligations.

To learn more about high risk merchant accounts or any of our other programs, Contact SaleManager.

Merchants Can Accept:

POS Terminals - SaleManager is proud to be a leading suppier of credit card point of sale terminals and related accessories.
RetailPayments VPOS - enables merchants to process credit card transactions using a personal computer and our virtual RetailPayments VPOS service. Read More...
Openbravo POS - is the leading open source Point of Sale application in the retail industry. With over 10,000 installations per month, Openbravo POS is proven to be a reliable alternative to expensive POS commercial software. Read More...
Cash Register Express (CRE) - is the leading POS solution for retail merchants. CRE comes with 24/7 software support and next day, on-site hardware support, as needed. Read More...

5 Key Things SaleManager will do for your business

Accept all major credit cards and signature debit cards using a SaleManager payment solutions. Merchants know SaleManager is the 21st century way to do business. Our payment solutions are good for your bottom line:

Business Cash Advances

Whether you're a big or small merchant, the Capital Bankcard cash advance program can help grow your business.
Our merchant cash advance program allows merchants to leverage their current credit card
processing activity to receive an up-front advance based on up to 1.5 times their
monthly Visa and MasterCard processing volume.. Don't miss this opportunity to grow your business! View PDF Brochure...

AMEX One Point

Accepting American Express has never been easier! With our new American Express OnePoint Program, you no longer have to wait three days to be reimbursed and can view all transactions in ONE statement and deposit for all cards. View your MasterCard, Visa, Discover & American Express transactions on one statement. View Brochure...

Gift Cards

Gift Card Program- Through Capital Bankcard, we also offer our merchants a Gift Card program. Choose between a Semi-Custom and Custom card program. Contact Us for more information.
Promote your brand and increase destination purchases with gift cards!

Customer Service

Capital Bankcard offers Premium Customer Care. Our customer care representives are available 24/7 at no addiitonal charge. We also provide a state-of-the-art online merchant portal for tracking your electronic payments.

Mobile Payments

Are you interested in a mobile payment solution for your retail business? Look no further, our Mobileauthorize payment solutions can provide a free application for your iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows 8 or BlackBerry device..
All Mobileauthorize apps free!!