Value Added Services

Grow stronger, save money and improve the consumer experience:

  • Electronic Checks
  • Electronic Invoice Manager
  • SyncPay™ for QuickBooks®
  • Gift & Loyalty Cards
  • CRM Payments
  • CertifyPCI™
  • Customer Vault™
  • Working Capital
  • Load Balancing (ATRI)

Electronic Check Service

Increase sales by offering multiple payment options. Accept and process electronic checks online, by telephone and fax.

echeck service

The SaleManager eCheck service is a payment solution that enables merchants to accept and process electronic check payments directly from their eCommerce website, through the Planetauthorize Virtual Terminal, by using our Free Mobileauthorize payment application or by using our Electronic Invoice Manager.

By accepting electronic checks, merchants are able to expand the payment options available to their customers and increase sales.

Let Your Customers Decide How to Pay

Merchants that utilize the SaleManager eCheck Service can take advantage of 24 hours per day, 7 days per week sales opportunities. With the innovation of electronic technology and the cooperation of ACH, an Internet vendor can accept a virtual check via the Internet at a fraction of the cost associated with a credit card, and also have funds available as quickly as a credit card transaction.

The SaleManager eCheck service is a payment solution that enables online and traditional merchants to accept and process electronic check payments directly from their Web site's storefront or via any Internet connection using the Planetauthorize Virtual Terminal.

Electronic Check Service Benefits

Only $0.50 cents per transaction
• Recurring Billing included as a standard feature
• Add Payment URLs to your Electronic Invoices
• Lower Rates than Credit Cards, Google Checkout and PayPal
• Virtual Terminal Included
• Free Mobile Bill Payment Software
• Impulse sales captures
• Funds deposited directly into your business checking account
• About one-half the cost of a credit card
• Check Verification Database Available
• Integrates with SyncPay for QuickBooks

To get started with the SaleManager echeck service simply complete and return our echeck application.

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SaleManager e-invoice manager

Electronic Invoice Manager

SaleManager e-Invoice™ is the on-demand invoice management service that automates the process of collecting, submitting, tracking and paying of supplier invoices. Customers can pay invoices by Credit Card or Electronic Check/Cheque. Multi-Currency Supported.

SaleManager offers a fully-managed Electronic Invoice and Electronic Invoice Presentment service complete with Payment URLs and optional integrated CRM payment addons. With SaleManager's e-Invoice service, you can automate key components of payment processing with other company sales processes. That’s why SaleManager is the industry leader in Electronic Invoicing, Invoice Presentment and Bill Payment.

Reduce Invoice Processing Costs

SaleManager e-invoice manager

Nearly 80 percent of vendor and supplier invoice activity is paper-based. If your organization is like most, your A/P department is drowning in paper. A recent Aberdeen Group study found that companies who automate invoice processing observe:

• Overall costs drop as much as 91 percent
• 46 percent shorter invoice process cycle time
• 12 percent fewer late payments
• 30 percent less time spent responding to inquiries

Why SaleManager eInvoice?

SaleManager e-Invoice allows companies to quickly process vendor and supplier payment requests, solving common problems including:

Lower invoice processing costs: SaleManager eInvoice significantly reduces the costs of processing invoices by automating the collection, submittal, tracking and payment of vendor and supplier invoices.

Seamless Integration with QuickBooks: SyncPay for QuickBooks integrates payments processing with your small business accounting system.

Reduce invoice payment process cycle time: The cycle time to process supplier payments and check requests is significantly shortened with the SaleManager easy, quick and efficient automated solution. Recurring Billing is supported at no addiitonal costs.

Improve control and compliance: SaleManager’s robust payment engine manages invoice payment acceptance. Combine iSpyFraud™ / FraudSensor.Net™ to add threshold management and advance fraud protection to your payment process.

Flexibe reporting: SaleManager proactive sales reporting approach offers complete visibility into the payment process.


SyncPay for QuickBooks

SyncPay™ for QuickBooks®

QuickBooks is an Intuit® financial management system for small- and medium-sized businesses. The SaleManager SyncPay Plug-In for QuickBooks provides support for payment processing from directly within QuickBooks Pro™, QuickBooks Premier™ and QuickBooks Enterprise™. SyncPay for QuickBooks allows merchants to process Credit Card and Electronic Check transactions directly from QuickBooks and your SaleManager account.

Easy to Use

The SaleManager QuickBooks Plug-In allows merchants to pay invoices, generate sales receipts, process batch transactions, and view batch reports without ever leaving QuickBooks. Additionally, merchants can process multiple payments against open invoices at the touch of a button. The SaleManager SyncPay Plug-In for QuickBooks also includes support for processing card present swiped transactions after attaching an approved card reader.

Sync Directly to Open Invoices

Now you can sync transactions to your open QuickBook invoices to record customer payments. Capture and consolidate all payment platforms into QuickBooks. Merchants can accept and process shopping carts orders, telephone, fax, CRM payments and mobile payments and sync those payments with QuickBooks. The SaleManager SyncPay Plug-In for QuickBooks allows merchants to sync credit card and echeck transactions and maintain Customer Data in QuickBooks.

By using our QuickBooks SyncPay Plug-In feature, you will greatly enhance the speed at which your business can manage it's financial aspects.

Import Customer Data from Your Shopping Cart

Capture and consolidate all payment platforms into QuickBooks. Merchants can accept and process shopping carts orders, telephone, fax, CRM payments and mobile payments and sync those payments with QuickBooks. The Planetauthorize SyncPay Plug-In for QuickBooks allows merchants to sync credit card and echeck transactions and maintain Customer Data in QuickBooks.

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Gift Cards & Store Value Program

Gift cards and stored-value programs are great for attracting consumers and driving incremental, bottom line revenue. Gift card sales have increased steadily over recent years, and demand remains incredibly strong. Get started with SaleManager SV today to receive a free setup and a complimentary welcome kit with 50 pre-designed, reloadable cards.

Gift and Loyalty Card Flyer

Gift Card Program

Professionally Designed or Customizable

Use your own design or choose one of our professionally designed options to create your very own in-store gift card program. Let SaleManager show you how to put the most useful and profitable gift card and loyalty functions right under your fingertips. Gift Card programs creates customer loyalty and is an excellent option for handling refund. Keep sales in your hands with the SaleManager Gift Card program.

Real-time Online Reporting

Get reports on your gift card sales, usage trends and more.

Standard or Optional Denominations

Offer preset denominations or let your customers set the amount.

Single-use or Reloadable Cards

Add money to cards after they've been issued or set a specific expiration date.

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CRM Payments

SaleManager provides a payment application for vtiger CRM and Salesforce. Now merchants can accept all major credit cards and electronic checks and link a payment transaction to an Account or Invoice. The SaleManager payment add-on includes an unlimited user license and free software upgrades.

Turn Your CRM into a Billing and Invoicing System

The SaleManager CRM payment add-on is an enterprise-ready Open Source CRM software mainly for small and medium businesses. Our CRM payment add-on is built over proven, fast, and reliable LAMP/WAMP (Linux/Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) technologies and other open source projects.

The SaleManager CRM payment add-on leverages the benefits of Open Source software and adds more value to the end-users by providing many enterprise features, such as Sales force Automation , customer support & service , marketing automation, inventory management, multiple database support, security management, product customization, calendaring, E-mail integration, add-ons, and others.

The SaleManager CRM payment add-on installation is very simple as all the necessary software, such as Apache, MySQL, and PHP are integrated and executables are made available both for Windows and Linux (RedHat, Debian, SuSe, Fedora, and Mandrake) operating systems.

vtiger CRM and Salesforce

The SaleManager CRM payment add-on will turn your vtiger CRM and Salesforce installation into a POS (Point of Sale) payment platform. To get started simply contact SaleManager.

Salesforce POS vtiger CRM POS

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echeck service


SaleManager Launches CertifyPCI™ - an In-House PCI Certification Tool for eCommerce Merchants

CertifyPCI™ was designed specifically to streamline the PCI Certification process in an effort to help merchants easily achieve a higher level of security. This is an automated web based process to PCI certify qualified merchants in minutes.

Any merchant or service provider that stores, processes, transmits or simply handles customer credit card data must comply with the PCI DSS controls and processes. If you don’t, you risk costly fines, restrictions, or worse should a breach occur.

Our CertifyPCI™ service includes unlimited Vulnerability scans by an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV), if necessary. Merchant breach insurance is offered through RGS/Great American Insurance company and includes $50,000 per occurrence.

CertifyPCI™ Benefits:

Streamline the PCI Certification process - Ensure your business is compliant with the PCI Standard in minutes.
PCI Compliant Network Scan - Our scanning technology studies your site from a hacker’s point of view to detect any open doors that could lead to a data breach.
Higher Level of Security - Protect your customer data.
Unlimited Products - Merchant's can sell an unlimited number of products and services.
Insurance - CertifyPCI™ also offers a $50,000 per occurrence insurance for merchants and agents should there be any breaches or incidents.
No per Transaction of Usage Fees -Certify PCI™ does not require a per transaction fee.
No Installation Required - CertifyPCI™ is included as a add-on feature of the Planetauthorize payment gateway. No installation required.

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Customer Vault™

salemanager customer vault service
Customer Vault Secure Remote Data Storage Service from SaleManager

The Customer Vault™ service provides Remote Storage of Payment Information. The customer vaultCustomer Vault was designed specifically for businesses of any size to address concerns about handling customer payment information. Customer Vault simplifies your PCI DSS compliance.

The Customer Vault allows merchants to transmit their payment information for remote storage in Planetauthorizes' Level 1 PCI certified data facility. Once the customer record has been securely transmitted to the Customer Vault, the merchant can then initiate transactions remotely without having to access credit card or electronic check information directly. This process is accomplished without the merchant storing the customer's payment information in their local database or payment application.

The Customer Vault is an ideal tool for businesses that need to securely save customer data and provide convenience for their customers.

Who should use the Customer Vault service?

Process Recurring Transactions - Merchants who bill their customers different amounts or on different days each month. (e.g. gym memberships)
Process Usage Charges - Merchants who bill their customers only when the service is used. (e.g. pay-as-you-go cell phones)
Simplify PCI Compliance - Merchants who are concerned with PCI compliance and protecting your customers’ confidential information.
Store Customer Data - Merchants who want to provide returning customers with the convenience of not having to re-enter their personal data every time they visit your Web site.
rovide Payment Flexibility - Your customers can store multiple payment methods for repeat purchases.
Save Multiple Shipping Locations - Your customers can also save multiple shipping locations.

How Customer Vault Works

Your Web site integrates to Customer Vault by using the Planetauthorize Application Programming Interface (API). Through the API, you can create, view, update and delete customer profiles that include billing, payment and shipping information. When a transaction is processed using the API, a customer profile is created and stored on our secure servers. You may retrieve your customer information using a secure token.

Note: Integrating the Customer Vault™ API requires the expertise of a Web developer. The Customer Vault™ API integration information can be accessed from the Planetauthroize API. Your Web developer will be able to assist you with integrating the API to any proprietary systems you may be using, setting up customer accounts with user names and passwords, or designing other means for matching a returning customer to their stored profile.

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Working Capital / Cash Advance Program

Cash Advance Specialist

Get $5,000 to $1 million in funding -- either as a cash advance against your future credit card sales or as a loan without tapping into your receivables account.

Through our partnership with AmeriMerchant, Cayan offers two working capital programs as high-quality alternatives to traditional bank financing. With Merchant Cash Advance and Small Business Loans, get the funds you need now to improve your business.

These programs feature:

• High approval rates
• Funding within 5 business days
• No complicated paperwork
• All credit histories considered
• Same-day approval times
• Funds may be used for any purpose

View the Salemanager Working Capital/Cash Advance Brochure.

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Load Balancing (Multi-Currency)

echeck service
Advanced Transaction Routing Interface

Load Balancing - Advanced Transaction Routing Interface (ATRI™) comes standard with real-time reporting capabilities. SaleManager’s patent-pending load-balancing system makes it easy for merchants to process transactions using multiple merchant accounts with a single Planetauthorize payment gateway account. Each merchant account can process and settle in a different currency providing Multi-Currency support. Now merchants have the ability to process specific transactions using a specific merchant account. Unlike other solutions there is no need to open multiple payment gateway accounts.

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SaleManager engineered a patent-pending load-balancing system that allows merchants to select which bank to use for different transactions. Each merchant account is identified by a unique Processor ID (e.g. refer to the Planetauthorize API). By selecting the unique Processor ID a merchant can select which merchant account to use for a specific payment transaction.