Third Party Integrations

Platform Integrations:

  • RetailPayments VPOS SwIPe™
  • XERO
  • DocuSign
  • Practice Fusion

RetailPayments VPOS SwIPe™

Free Retail Swipe Software for Microsoft Windows

RetailPayments VPOS SwIPe

RetailPayments VPOS SwIPe™ is a flexible and feature rich point-of-sale terminal for retail and restaurant merchants. RetailPayments VPOS SwIPe™ provides merchants with the ability to accept and capture all major credit card transactions as a "swipe" transaction using any laptop or personal computer with an Internet connection and Magtek reader.

Multi-Currency & Multi-Location Support

RetailPayments VPOS SwIPe™ can process retail swipe and keyed credit card transactions in multiple currencies and at multiple locations. Merchants who deploy RetailPayments VPOS SwIPe™ save time and money.

No Hardware or Expensive Equipment Required!

RetailPayments VPOS SwIPe™ enables merchants to process card-present transactions utilizing their personal computer and Internet connection. This lightweight point-of-sale application was designed to work with Microsoft Windows® based systems.

Merchant can process encrypted credit card transactions with SaleManager Merchant Defender™ technology. Take a look at our RetailPayments VPOS SwIPe Brochure.

Free Retail Swipe Application

The RetailPayments VPOS SwIPe™ solution uses the storage and reporting features of the Planetauthorize.Net payment gateway. Its supported hardware includes security features of next generation end-to-end encrypted card readers with optional signature capture. Merchants using RetailPayments VPOS SwIPe™ and its supported hardware have instant record retrieval capabilities. Receipts with signatures are stored in the gateway and can be emailed to the merchants' customers directly.

Swipe (card present) transactions are the most cost efficient transaction type since the merchant has the ability to swipe the customer's credit card in real-time. All payments are processed using the merchant's low cost (Cable Modem or DSL) Internet connection.

RetailPayments VPOS SwIPe™ is a software product from SaleManager for merchants who utilize the top rated Planetauthorize real-time payment gateway service.


• Record Retrieval - Immediately locate signed receipts stored in the gateway
• Signature Capture - Include digital signatures with chargeback representments
• Useful Data Storage - Utilize up to 20 merchant defined fields for business analytics
• E-mail Receipts - Automatically e-mail customers transaction receipts
• Green Initiative - Paperless receipts save trees and the environment
• Enhanced Security - End-to-end encryption technology protects against breach
• Save money by processing swipe (card present) transaction
• No need for a dedicated telephone line
• Accept all major credit cards using any PC with an Internet connection and Magtek reader
• Encrypted Card Readers with Signature Capture
• Free POS Terminal software
• Process retail/restaurant transactions and your online eCommerce transactions using a single payment gateway account
• Process a Sale and Authorize transaction
• Process Capture, Void and Refunds using Planetauthorize
• Supports Custom Fields for additional data capture
• Real-time Sales Reports
• Fully documented step-by-step installation instructions
• Unlimited User License
• Online Technical Support
• Includes the Planetauthorize.Net Payment Gateway service

To get started with RetailPayments VPOS SwIPe™ Contact Us or call SaleManager, toll free, at 1-800-918-4890. Visit for a complete list of Retail Payment solution. Stop Paying for Retail POS Software!

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WHMCS Client Billing & Support

A Free Payment Add-on for Planetauthorize™ Payment Gateway


WHMCS is an all-in-one client management, billing & support solution for online businesses. WHMCS handles everything from signup to termination, with automated billing, provisioning & management. With WHMCS, you're in control with a very powerful business automation tool.

Planetauthorize.Net payment gateway integrates with the WHMCS client management platform. WHMCS is an all-in-one client management, billing & support solution for online businesses.

Multi-Currency Support

Planetauthorize.Net payment gateway can process credit card payments in your local currency. Planetauthorize.Net payment gateway supports multiple currencies, including USD, CAD, GBP and EUR, so your customers can pay in the currency they know.

• Supports third party control panels
• Integrates with the Planetauthorize
• Supports Third Party Domain Registrars
• Supports Fraud Protection Solutions
• Multi Currency Billing
• Integrated Help Desk
• Automated Provisioning
• Customizable
• Automated Recurring Billing
• Sync with QuickBooks

Planetauthorize.Net payment gateway integrates with the WHMCS client management platform. WHMCS is an all-in-one client management, billing & support solution for online businesses.

To get started with the Planetauthorize.Net payment gateway service and WHMCS Contact Us or call SaleManager, toll free, at 1-800-918-4890.

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XERO Online Accounting Payment Add-on

The online accounting software alternative to QuickBooks

XERO small business accounting

SaleManager provides a Free payment gateway add-on for the XERO Accounting platform. Our free add-on, for the Planetauthorize.Net payment gateway, let's you conveniently manage your cashflow by scheduling payments and paying suppliers. A graph of your bills helps you decide which ones need to be paid and when. Suppliers can send their invoices directly to your accounts.

The Planetauthorize™ payment gateway add-on allows small business owners to accept credit card and echeck payments. In addition, Planetauthorize empowers business owners with the ability to process payments in their local currency (USD, CAD, GBP, EUR).

Claim expenses

Handle personal expenses – just review and approve receipts. Take a photo of receipts from your mobile device and it’s automatically saved online.

Enter bills

Manage your cashflow by scheduling payments and batch paying suppliers.

Recover costs from your customers

Use Billable Expenses to recover costs incurred on behalf of a customer. Tag items in a bill to a customer and add these to your next invoice.

Add credit notes

Provide the details by adding a customized credit note with your payments.

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DocuSign - Electronic Signature and Payment

Planetauthorize Payment Gateway brings payment capabilities to DocuSign

Docusign for Planetauthorize

DocuSign, the global standard for eSignature, provides instant payments through Planetauthorize.Net payment gateway for any DocuSign transaction. DocuSign Payment helps companies get signatures on contracts, agreements, and other legally binding documents and collect payment simultaneously to finish business and capture revenue faster.

DocuSign Payment combines two trusted industry standards – DocuSign eSignatures and Planetauthorize.Net payment gateway – into a single transaction process. This combination of leading cloud services enhances the DocuSign customer experience by offering even more complete, convenient, and better transaction services.

Planetauthorize.Net will help global enterprises, small- to mid-sized businesses, and individual professionals:

Accelerate transaction cycle times – Planetauthorize.Net speeds up transactions with the fastest way to get a signature and process a payment simultaneously.

Increase speed to revenue – Planetauthorize.Net processes transactions within seconds via PayPal so businesses can capture revenue and begin product and service delivery sooner.

Delight customers – Customers can sign documents and pay from any browser or mobile device making every kind of business transaction faster, easier, and more convenient than ever.

DocuSign’s integration with Planetauthorize.Net helps businesses collect payments from customers, partners, suppliers, and others as they DocuSign documents – with no additional programming, coding, or IT involvement. Payment processing with Planetauthorize.Net can be quickly setup using the Planetauthorize web interface for DocuSign.

During the transaction, signers complete the normal DocuSigning steps and are prompted to provide payment. Signers can opt to pay with a credit card, including Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express® and Discover®. In addition, small business owners in the United States and Canada can also accept and proecss electronic checks.

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Practice Fusion Payments

Direct Patient Medical Billing with Planetauthorize™

Medical Billing with Practice Fusion and Planetauthorize

Simplify direct patient billing - Practice Fusison is the #1 cloud-based electronic health record platform for Doctors and Patients. SaleManager has integrated the Planetauthorize payment gateway into Practice Fusion to offer a seamless direct patient billing solution. Accept credit card and electronic check payments directly within Practice Fusion. No more waiting for patients to mail in payments.

Get paid faster and bill the way you want

Whether you manage billing in-house or use a billing service, Practice Fusion and Planetauthorize helps you get paid faster. Billing is a breeze with our streamlined direct patient billing solution. Planetauthorize offers the best web-based billing features with seamlessly integrate into your EHR.

To get started with Practice Fusion and Planetauthorize simply Contact Us or call SaleManager directly on 800-918-4890.

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Payment Gateway Only

Mobile payment processing provides merchants with the ability to accept credit cards payments using their mobile phone or tablet. Mobile payment applications are available in the respective online stores (e.g. iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft Store).

Do mobile payment apps use an encrypted card reader?

Not all mobile payments applications use an encrypted card reader. Due to security risks, merchants should not use a mobile payment application to process swipe transactions without an encrypted card reader.

Can I process swipe and keyed transactions?

Yes, mobile payment applications allow merchants to process both swipe and keyed transactions. However, merchants will pay a higher rate for keyed transactions.

Which mobile platforms are supported?

SaleManager's mobile payment application, Mobileauthorize™, supports iOS, Android and Windows Phone.