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Terminal Payments

While traditional payment processing terminals have been sufficient for most business owners, the landscape's evolved in recent years. Because new technologies like NFC and barcodes have quickly gained popularity, businesses need to adapt in order to accomodate consumer preferences. There are fully loaded bundles and standalone terminals available, so every business can find the right terminal for its needs and keep pace with the world of payment processing.

If you have a retail or restaurant location and interact directly with consumers, you always work to give them the best possible experience. Our selection of equipment and software for your business include terminals, PIN pads and software solutions.

SaleManager offers the top desktop POS Terminals and PIn Pads from Verifone, Hypercom, ingenico, First Data, Lipman, Thales, Genius and Magtek. Below are our current specials. Check back frequently to view product special updates. Visit for a complete list of Retail Payment solution. Stop Paying for Retail POS Software!

Verifone VX 520 Terminal

Robust performance and fast, consumer-friendly transactions

The VX 520 is a reliable, rugged countertop device that's built to last. It handles Vx520 POS Terminal encryption, decryption and processing at high speeds thanks to its powerful processor and expandable memory. Integrated NFC capabilities support alternative payments and also support value-added applications, such as loyalty or gift card acceptance.

Pair this terminal with the Vx805 Pin Pad for a Powerful EMCV and NFC bundle (only $256.99)!


Fast Processing - Faster check-out speeds allow you to complete more transactions and get consumers on their way quicker.
Ease of Use - The countertop unit is designed for intuitive use and includes a backlit screen and keypad for all lighting situations.
Reliable Functionality - Get more out of your investment. The VX 520 delivers performance, reliability and long-lasting functionality.

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Verifone Vx805 Pin Pad

Exceptional Innovation, Exceptional Value

Verifone’s VX 805 Contactless PIN pad provides precisely what you need, and nothing you don’t. This incredibly convenient payment device allows merchants to process a range of transactions through multiple connectivity options, while offering Verifone Vx805 Pin Padthe latest NFC technology for mobile payments. And, of course, it includes the latest security protections for total peace of mind.


Stylishly compact - The VX 805 PIN pad features a sleek contour and ergonomic design that looks as good as it feels.
Intuitive ATM-style interface and large keypad deliver exceptional convenience.
Security at all levels - Processing of all transaction types is simple and secure thanks to the latest certifications and EMV compliance. VeriShield Total Protect delivers end-to-end encryption and tokenization.
Performance- With a fast processor, the VX 805 PIN pad handles even the most complex and demanding transactions in style.

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Ingenico iCT220 Terminal

Sophistication in a compact countertop device

Accommodate consumers’ payment preferences with this practical, economical solutions. Lightweight, stylish and self-contained, the iCT220 gives consumers the freedom to use all types of electronic card payments without requiring a cash registeriCT220 POS Terminal or POS system interface. All iCT220 functions – from payment processing and receipt printing to settlement reporting and brand enhancement programs – operate flawlessly from a single piece of equipment. This rugged, easy-to-use device also carries advanced security measures.

Pair this terminal with the IPP220 Pin Pad for a Powerful EMCV and NFC bundle! (Only $247.99)


• Built on the Telium2 technology platform with a dual processor architecture.
• Meets the latest PCI PTS V3.0 security standards.
• Supports the latest international security algorithms, including DES, TDES, RSA, DUKPT and Master/Session.
• Integrates securely with the iPP220 PIN Pad to enable customer PIN entry and contactless and NFC-based transactions.
• Offers multiple connectivity options including serial, USB, and Ethernet connections, allowing seamless integration of the PIN Pad into an existing POS system.
• Comes with payment technologies already embedded with no need to add on component upgrades.

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Ingenico iPP200 Pin Pad

Put the power of secure payment directly into shoppers’ hands.

iPP220 POS TerminalSmall business owners are often the most innovative and consumer-focused retailers in the business, yet it's difficult for them to appear as technologically advanced as their larger, multilane competitors.

The iPP220 consumer-facing pin pad, used in conjunction with the popular countertop iCT220, gives you the ability to accept EMV PIN entry and NFC/contactless payments through a proven plug-and-play bundle


• One of the most convenient and reliable PIN entry device on the market.
• Gives options to accept all forms of payment including MSR, EMV, contactless and mobile NFC.
• High processing speeds, delivering fast, secure electronic payment transactions.
• Meets the latest PCI PTS V3.0 security standards.
• Ruggedized and lightweight, the iPP220 fits neatly into any merchant’s environment.
• Supports the latest international security algorithms, including DES, TDES, RSA, DUKPT and Master/Session.

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uniCenta POS

• Download uniCenta POS

uniCenta POS is a leading open source Point-of-Sale application for Small, Medium Businesses (SMBs) in the Retail and Restaurant industries. With over 300,000 installations, uniCenta POS is proven to be a reliable alternative to expensive POS software. uniCenta POS provides many robust capabilities including sales, refunds, daily reports, cash management, warehouse management, and multiple reporting methods. Process retail swipe and keyed credit card sales.

Click here to Download Unicenta. uniCenta is the perfect solution for Retail, Restaurant, Hospitality and Mixed (e.g. Deli’ with a Cafe) merchants. unicenta POS

Secure Payment Processing

Merchants can save time and money by deploying uniCenta POS with secure payment processing provided by the Planetauthorize.Net payment gateway. SaleManager provides the Planetauthorize™ payment gateway and a merchant account to use with your uniCenta POS installation. Planetauthorize.Net is the leading payment gateway for uniCenta POS and offers more free features than other payment gateway service. Planetauthorize allows merchants to add additional merchant accounts under a single gateway account - providing patent pending merchant account load-balancing. Run your retail store, online web store, mobile business and multiple business locations using a single Planetauthorize gateway account.

Planetauthorize is a multi-lingual (English, Spanish, Spanish (Panama), Spanish (Costa Rica), French (Canada)) payment platform that also supports multiple currencies. Register today and reduce costs and improve productivity using the uniCenta POS and Planetauthorize.Net payment gateway bundle.

Multi-Currency Support

Unicenta POS and Planetauthorize.Net payment gateway can process credit card payments in your local currency. Planetauthorize.Net payment gateway supports 85 Currencies so your customers can pay in the currency they know. Planetauthorize empowers merchants to use uniCenta POS globally.

Retail, eCommerce & Mobile

uniCenta POS and Planetauthorize.Net payment gateway provides merchants with the ability to process Retail, eCommerce and Mobile transactions using a single Planetauhtorize.Net payment gateway account. Now you can review consolidated sales reports for all sales platforms.

Tablet & Mobile Phone Support

Mobility is demanded! uniCenta oPOS has been running on Windows and Linux tablets since 2010. Not some cut-down lightweight, it’s the same full-blown app’ that runs on the counter-top. Full functionality and flexibility is always available. Print to remote printers. Take card payments on the move. Queue busting in real-time.

Have a requirement to run sales transactions on your mobile phone? No problem, when you use Planetauthorize with your uniCenta POS installation. Planetauthorize provides a free mobile payment application. Mobileauthorize™ is available for iOS, Andriod or Windows.

Support for Industry Standard Peripherals

uniCenta POS support industry standard protocols from Epson ESC/Pos®; JavaPOS, IBM Surepos, Dialog, Ithica, Samsung, Casio and Scanpal plus some more…

uniCenta POS uses these globally accepted standards to drive:

• Reecipt and Report Printers
• Cash Drawers
• Suuport for EMV (via Plugin)
• Customer Visual Display
• Barcode Scanner
• Weighing Scales
• Magnetic Card Reader
• Extended displays
• 17 languages available

uniCenta is the perfect solution for Retail, Restaurant, Hospitality and Mixed (Deli’ with a Cafe) merchants.

Cloud Support

Connect uniCenta oPOS to databases hosted anywhere. Local. Network or Remote. Go to the next stage and integrate uniCenta oPOS with your online app’s. eCommerce such as Magento, WooCommerce and OpenCart. CRM’s like Sugar, vTiger and soon ERP systems like OpenERP or Openbravo.

Contact SaleManager to get up and running with uniCenta, a payment gateway and merchant account! Visit for a complete list of Retail Payment solution. Stop Paying for Retail POS Software!

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Planetauthorize Payment Gateway

Online merchants can accept and process credit card and electronic check transactions directly from their e-commerce website when using the Planetauthorize.Net Payment gateway. Planetauthorize™ is a multi-lingual (English, Spanish, Spanish (Panama), Spanish (Costa Rica), French (Canada)) payment platform that also supports multiple currencies. Planetauthorize.Net Payment Gateway

Planetauthorize.Net Payment Gateway provides online payment processing services to merchants around the world including those who conduct business in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and all European Union member nations.

Increase customer sales by providing your customers with flexible payment options.

Multiple ways to Accept Online Payments

Increase customer sales by providing your customers with flexible online payment options... With Planetauthorize merchants can accept credit card and optionally electronic check payments directly from their online E-Commerce webstore. Recurring Payments feature available at no additional charge!

Support Retail, Online and Mobile

Planetauthorize supports retail swipe transactions, online keyed transactions and mobile initiated payments. As an added benefit, merchants can accept customer orders on their online webstore and have the customer's sales receipt available for fulfillment in their retail store or restaurant.

Mobile Payments

Planetauthorize provides a free mobile payment application. Mobileauthorize™ is a simple, fast, and free application for iPhone/iPad, Android Phone/Tablets and Windows Phone/Tablets. Process credit card & electronic check transactions anywhere in the world using your cellular or Wifi connection. Electronic signature capture ready and encrypted credit card readers available.

Multiple Payment Integrations Available

There are several ways to integrate Planetauthorize into your e-commerce store. A merchant may use a Certified Shopping Cart, Buy Now buttons or one of our Integration APIs (Direct Post, Three Step API (Mastercard Secure Code/Verified by Visa), Query API, Mobile API). Planetauthorize supports over 100 shopping carts. All Planetauthorize integration methods communicate with the gateway over an encrypted SSL connection.

Planetauthorize is the payment gateway of choice for accepting credit card and electronic check payments. Contact SaleManager today to empower your online webstore with payment processing capabilities.

For more information and a complete features list visit Planetauthorize.Net
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SPECIAL OFFER: Get the Mobileauthorize SwipeSimple payment app and a Free EMV ready encrypted Card Reader when you get a Capital Bankcard Merchant Account. The Mobileauthorize SwipeSimple payment app includes an online Dashboard! Merchants can swipe or read EMV Chips to process credit card transactions. Take a look at our brochure.

Mobileauthorie™ is your complete mobile processing solution for accepting credit card payments both in and out of the office. Swap meets, retail stores, beauty salons, barber shops, street fairs, antique shows, mobile Mobileauthorize POS detailing, on-site consultants, taxi cab drivers, tour guides.. the list is endless on who could benefit by offering the convenience of accepting credit cards on the spot and the peace of mind getting immediate authorization for the charges.

Mobileauthorie™ offers impressive, revolutionary, yet functional credit card charging capabilities for the mobile merchant. It combines the convenience and mobility your mobile device with the power to do business, make sales, and authorize/capture charges anywhere there is a wifi or celluar network connection.

Mobileauthorie™ will process keyed or swiped transactions using cutting edge hardware encrypted card readers, geo-tag locations on the receipt where the transaction occurs, e-mail receipts, capture digital signatures, and perform partial or full refunds within the transaction history log. The application is free to download and incurs no additional per transaction fees. Mobileauthorize is available for the iPhone/iPad, Android Phone/Tablet and Windows Phone.

As an added benefit, Mobileauthorie™ provides full echeck integration with DocuSign® when secure, verified electronic signatures are required. The Mobileauthorize DocuSign integration is the complete solution when you need to receive payment with your sales contract, customer quote/work order, invoice or other company agreement.

Contact SaleManager today to start accepting credit cards and echeck payments from your mobile device.

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Openbravo Web POS

Web, Mobile and Cloud Ready Point of Sale
Openbravo Web POS

Open new stores faster and start processing sales in a matter of minutes, even with new employees. Empower your store staff with full point of sale functionality from a mobile device, which only requires a browser and can be used with different terminal sizes thanks to the adaptive design concept.

Leverage its multi-language and locale formats support (date, number) for your international store operations.

Scan, Browse and Search

Rapidly add products to the ticket in different ways: scan a product barcode, browse your retail product categories or search by text or by product characteristics. With product characteristics, you will be able to rapidly navigate through your catalog and assist customers to find those products that better match their preferences.

Customers Management

Manage both anonymous and named transactions and create/maintain new customers associated with a ticket at the mobile point of sale.

Planetauthorize.Net Integration

Accept all major credit cards directly within Openbravo Web POS with Planetauthorize.Net payment gateway. Process payments in your local currency (USD, GBP, CAD, EUR) by obtaining a Merchant Account from our office.

Flexible Back-office Integration

Centralized architecture provides a single integration point with back-office functionality, allowing large retail customers to optionally start reducing cost and complexity and increase sales at the store level, by initially integrating Openbravo Web POS with their existing retail back-office software.

Peripherals Support

Openbravo Web POS works with touch screens, receipt printers, fiscal printers, barcode readers, cash drawers, customer terminals and scales, and it can be easily integrated with additional store customer devices.

Contact SaleManager today to start accepting credit cards with Openbravo POS. Visit for a complete list of Retail Payment solution. Stop Paying for Retail POS Software!

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