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pos terminals

Terminal Payments

Accept encrypted credit card payments using our EMV/NFC ready POS Terminal. Free terminal program available with no hidden fees.

pos software, pos payments

POS Payments

We offer state-of-the-art POS software from unicenta, and Openbravo POS.

online payments, ecommerce payments,

Online Payments

We offer the Top Rated payment gateway services for accepting online payments. Over 100 shopping carts supported.

mobile payments, mobileauthorize, swipesimple

Mobile Payments

Mobile merchants can accept credit cards payments using their iOS, Android and Windows device. Mobileauthorize™ is available as a free download.

us merchant account

US Merchant Account

Capital Bankcard provides low costs merchant accounts to merchants located in the United States. We offer interchange plus pricing to ensure merchants obtain the best rate regardless of card type.

Canadian Merchant Account

Canadian Merchant Account

Merchant Focus/EVO provides merchant accounts to merchants doing business in Canada. 1.49% Visa/MasterCard Qualified Discount Rate.

UK & EU Merchant Account

UK & EU Merchant Account

Merchants doing business in the UK or any of the EU 28 member nations can accept credit cards in their retail store, restaurant or online store.

International & High Risk merchant account

International & High Risk

International and High Risk merchants can obtain a merchant account and payment gateway service to use with their online and retail store.

what's new?

SaleManager payment solutions support EMV and NFC technologies which enables merchants to accept contactless payments like ApplePay®, AndroidPay® and SamsungPay®. Contact Us and ask us about our Free EMV/NFC POS Terminal Program.

Electronic Checks

SaleManager offers multiple ACH payment solutions for retail, restaurant and online merchants. By enabling one of our flexible echeck services, customers can pay you in the payment type they choose, and in way that's most convenient. We offer an online echeck service and a retail check guarantee service. Tell us how you want to process and we'll tell you which solution is best for your business model.